What is the Broaching Process for Gears?

What is the Broaching Process for Gears

If you’ve ever thought about how gears are manufactured with this precision and accuracy, The answer is in the broaching process. Broaching is a process of machining that uses a cutting tool called a broach to remove materials from the workpiece to produce what you want. When it comes to gears, broaching is crucial to achieving the intricate and complex tooth forms that permit smooth and efficient operation of equipment.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the broaching procedure for gears and its various types, benefits, and uses.

Broaching is among the most accurate, fastest, and robust machining processes humans use–or possibly for the purposes in this piece, “gear-kind.” Whether broaching keyways, internal splines of small gears that fit into hands that are small enough to fit in, or helical splines within gears that require a crane to load the gear, a broaching machine can likely complete the task quicker, more precisely, and to tighter tolerances and with a better finishing than the other technique used to make splines and tooth teeth for gears (Figure 2. a and figure 2b).

What are the different types of broaching processes for gears?

There are three broaching techniques that gears use: internal broaching external broaching, and surface broaching.

Internal broaching: This method can produce the internal tooth profile of gears. The broach is moved through the interior of the gear and then removed material in order to form the desired tooth-shaped shape.

External broaching: It is a technique that can be used to create an external tooth profile of gears. The gear is fixed to an object, and then the broach is driven across the outside part of the device and removed to produce the desired tooth-like shape.

Surface broaching: It can be utilized to create flat or curved surfaces on gears. The broach is pushed across the gear’s inside, and the material is removed to produce the desired form.

What does Gear Broaching Machine do?

A gear broaching machine is a specialized tool utilized to broach gears. The equipment comprises a bed broaching head, a mechanical or hydraulic drive system, and the work holding fixture. The broaching head has a set of cutting teeth, also known as broaches, which remove material from the piece of work to form the desired shape for the gear. 

The workpiece is secured in its place by the fixture for job holding, and the broaching machine is pushed through the material to form those gear teeth. Broaching gears are offered in various capacities and sizes to meet a variety of sizes and production needs. 

They are frequently utilized in the aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and aerospace industries for high-volume gears manufactured with precise tolerances and precisely shaped tooth profiles.


The process of broaching gears is a highly efficient and efficient method of producing gears with high precision and accuracy. It offers many advantages to manufacturing gears, such as speedy production times, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to make intricate tooth profiles. The process of broaching can be used for numerous applications across various industries, making it an essential method in the modern manufacturing world.